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Color Guard

Come out and show your colors!


The Glenelg Color Guard adds color and dynamics to the visual display of the Glenelg High School Marching Band during all field performances, pep rallies, and parades. The fall program emphasizes flag and movement technique while offering opportunities for rifle training. During the winter, the Glenelg Color Guard competes in Keystone Indoor Drill Association (KIDA) competitions. Performance opportunities in the spring include competing with the Marching Unit, and as an Auxiliary Unit on the Spring trip and a spotlight in the annual Jazz Under the Stars event. Each season the team strives for precision and excellence in performance as they take on a variety of choreographic styles to complement each new show.

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Director's Corner

Jennifer Blizzard-Sisk


I'm really excited to be part of this group for another year! We have many things to look forward to this year, and the coming football season is just the beginning.


Glenelg’s Color Guard program welcomes individuals, ladies and gentlemen, from various backgrounds and experience levels as we strive each season to achieve & maintain the tradition of excellence in the Glenelg Marching Unit. Come be a part of an artistic, creative and athletic squad!  It’s the most fun and challenging activity you’ll experience with an opportunity to make life-long friendships!

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