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Barry Enzman Musician Scholarship

Any senior musician who is in Symphonic or Jazz Band, is in good standing, and is continuing in post-high school education in the fall, is eligible to apply for The Barry Enzman Musician Scholarship. There is no minimum requirement for the number of years of membership in either the Symphonic or Jazz Band.


To apply, students should submit an essay of no more than 500 words via email to It may only be submitted during the month of March and should be sent in PDF format. Mr. Winters will send a reply email indicating receipt but it is solely the student’s responsibility to verify Mr. Winters has received it.


The essay should explain how the student demonstrated dedication and loyalty to the band program and how they exemplified what it means to “Strive for Excellence”. This should include, but is not limited to:

  • Choices made in favor of the program such as making band a priority, volunteering to help, and giving freely of their time

  • Behavior that encouraged the best in other members, including assisting younger students

  • Self-improvement through lessons or practice – not just for the purpose of their own benefit but instead to increase the bands’ level of musicianship.


The scholarship is not based on academic achievement or financial need; therefore the essay should not include that information. The award will be presented at the Marching Unit Spring Banquet and announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony. The monetary award will be payable to the recipient’s post-high school educational institution prior to the start of the fall term.

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